• exploratory through detailed site data
• no time consuming repetition
• feasibility information in user-friendly format

• operational risk management assessments



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Feasibility Assessments

At Centrical we know how to develop feasibility and what types of questions to ask of which individual. This allows us to focus on, for example, whether a particular patient population exists or which countries and sites are potentially capable of delivering results for a specific protocol. Being independent means we can provide unbiased and objective feasibility assessments ranging from exploratory country specific data relevant to your therapeutic area through to detailed protocol and site information. It’s your choice.

Be it global or single country, an indication or protocol specific project, the output of our assessment is the same - a comprehensive report tailored to meet your needs in an easy to use format.

To expedite responsiveness from our Investigator Sites, we provide the facility to collect core site data on a one-time basis with scheduled updates, thereby avoiding time consuming repetitive questionnaires.

Operational Risk Management

Identifying, assessing and managing operational risk within a clinical trial is more than just defining contingency – it requires planning. At Centrical we construct an operational risk management roadmap for your study that defines what the risk is at each step of every process, who is responsible for managing the risk and how each risk should be managed. Our role can be anything from simply providing you with the blueprint through to actively managing the whole process from start to finish.

Controlling operational risk can redefine relationships with your service providers and dramatically enhance trial performance.